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The NEW Taylormade SIM 2 Drivers 2021

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Taylormade Sim2, Sim 2 Max and Sim2 Draw Review


This year Taylormade have followed their similar trend to the previous 4 years releasing 3 different versions of their drivers. Sticking with the ‘Sim’ brand catering for differing golfing abilities. There are some massive differences this year though and it looks to be a huge game changer for Taylormade’s forgiveness value.

Heres a run through of the models and what is similar and also what’s new..


The Aerodynamic design of sole and crown is similar through out the range, Taylormade say that this design allows the club head to travel fastest in the most important part of your golf swing ‘Impact’. Taylormade have long had the crown of longest driver and they are certainly going for it again this year.

Multi Material Construction – All 3 models boast a new pattern of construction, using lighter material in a 9 layer carbon sole instead of titanium allowing the increase and distribution of weight elsewhere in the head. which leads on to the forgiveness values.

Forgiveness –

The heavy rear weights (16g SIM2, 24g SIM2 Max and 22g SIM2 Max•D) deliver a level of forgiveness that some golfers might not associate with TaylorMade drivers of the past.

The CG (centre of gravity) is now located so low and far back within each driver head that the MOI readings have increased massively from previous years models.

TaylorMade have always produced forgiving drivers – but from what we have seen so far nothing comes close to the levels seen in SIM2.


So What’s the difference between the three models?

SIM2: Traditional driver designs come with a trade-off, but TaylorMade journeyed beyond tradition to obtain power, speed, and forgiveness in a low spin driver. The reconstructed SIM2 delivers high MOI properties with a heavy 16g steel weight positioned on the Inertia Generator (The big blue Bar at the back). The TPS Front Weight is strategically located behind the face to encourage low spin characteristics, delivering complete performance that is low on spin and high on forgiveness.

SIM2 Max: With a big focus on speed and forgiveness, the SIM2 Max delivers high MOI properties with a heavy 24g tungsten weight positioned on the Inertia Generator. The TPS Front Weight is strategically located on the sole of the club rather than behind the face to encourage the optimal mid-to-high launch with mid-to-low spin characteristics, delivering ball speed performance and ultra high forgiveness.

SIM2 Max•D: Traditional draw-bias drivers come with a trade-off, sacrificing forgiveness for a left-to-right ball flight. The all-new SIM2 Max•D features a repositioned Inertia Generator that’s closer to the heel, encouraging a heel CG that’s low and back for more forgiveness – designed to deliver a higher launch with the largest, most forgiving face in the SIM2 line-up.



I think its fair to say that this is a massive change in direction from taylormade, The past has shown that they are the best in creating drivers to maximise distance but not forgiveness on off centre hits. This year looks like they have found a blend of power and forgiveness not seen before. If you are thinking of a change of driver this season a fitting is the sure way to make the right choice, these will be there ready to impress I’m sure.


You can book a club fitting here at Peter Field Golf. 


Rob Wilkinson

PGA Professional