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The New Callaway EPIC Woods 2021

Golf Specialists | Peter Field Golf | Norfolk

Every year us golf fanatics look forward to the latest releases from all the companies that we stock here at Peter Field Golf and although this year has been slightly broken with on off starts of getting back in to golf…We have some brilliant new releases and game changing technology to look forward to using.


Im going to take you through what Callaway has to offer and how they believe they can help unlock the next level of your golf. Here at Peter Field Golf Shop we pride ourselves on using the latest technology (Trackman 4 & GCQuad) to deliver club fitting but also for us to explore how effective the product is from first hand use.


Lets get started…


Callaway Epic – 2021


Callaway Epic Speed, Epic Max, Epic Max LS


Epic Flash has turned in to Epic Speed. With 3 New models released, Epic Speed, Epic Max & Epic Max LS.

Lots of the manufacturers are following the same trend, a driver that maximises speed for the golfer that wants to swing it faster and potentially hit it longer than ever – ‘Epic Speed‘ in this case. A driver with maximised forgiveness Larger sweet spot, more resistant to twisting on off centre hits – ‘Epic Max‘. Lastly the driver for the golfer that wants to reduce their spin imparted on the golf ball – ‘Epic Max LS‘ (LS standing for Low Spin),


Here is how each have achieved their goal…


The similarities/differences between the 3 models

The reason that 3 models are being released by each manufacturer is to cater for all golfers, everyones needs are different when trying improver your ball flight. Optimising Speed, Launch angle and Spin rate are 3 major factors when looking to improve your ball flight. These 3 drivers do have a lot in common though all applying ‘Jail break speed frame technology’. Before this existed if you were to hit a driver square in the middle of the face the crown of the club and the sole would deform and buldge losing efficiency and in effect ball speed. The new frame inserted gives stability to the crown and sole allowing the face to be more spring like improving ball speed.


Jailbreak Speed frame

The Callaway Jailbreak Speed Frame

Epic ball speeds start with our new A.I.-designed Jailbreak Speed Frame. Previous Jailbreak architectures stiffened the body in the vertical direction. By applying Artificial Intelligence, this new structure is designed to enhance horizontal and torsional stability to promote an increase in ball speeds across the face.

Here is how they differ though…


Epic Speed – has a different shape crown and sole from the other two models and removes a moveable rear weight from the rear of the club head. This allows weight distribution to be moved elsewhere to improve speed. Removing the weight and reusing that allowance elsewhere has all gone in to improving your ability to move this club head faster. Callaway are calling this Cyclone Aero Shape. The emphasis is for this driver to create a Mid launch and Mid Spin value.


Epic Max – Perimeter weighting’s the key to the forgiveness in this driver. 17g moveable weight in the rear of the head allows you to position the weight where you need it to affect your ball flight. For Example if you are someone who strikes the ball consistently in the toe, moving the weight to the toe will allow you higher ball speeds. If you are a golfer that struggles with face control and leaves the face open, moving the weight to the heel can help you improve your face angle at impact. The emphasis on this driver is for a draw, with the face set slightly upright, a higher launch and mid spin value.


Epic Max LS – The Low spin version is brilliantly effective BUT does come at a cost of forgiveness value. The Centre of Gravity location of this driver is pushed closer to the face, this allows for lower spin but does limit the resistant to twisting, if you are to hit this off centre your curvature would be more than that of say the Epic Max. This driver is generally aimed at the lower handicap golfer who is looking to shape it off the tee, the club face is neutral but is able to be affected via the moveable weight in the rear of the head. Low Launch and Low spin is what this has been created for.



The last 6 years Callaway have really led the innovation of golf clubs, improving speed, distance and forgiveness. This year is no difference another great step has been taken and I’m sure this will be another top driver on the market and one that other manufacturers will be trying to keep up with. I would always suggest you have a club fitting before deciding on a make or model of driver, this years model has over 40 different shafts to help you improve so the potential benefit from a fitting is something you don’t want to miss out on.


We have all the drivers and shafts available to club fit with upon reopening, if you are keen to get something in the diary you can do that by booking online here. BOOK A FITTING.


Rob Wilkinson

PGA Professional