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Golf Biomechanics Analysis

Golf Biomechanics Analysis

With our advanced 3D motion system and pressure plate, this full swing and body analysis gives a complete breakdown of your movement efficiency in the golf swing, your power production capabilities and prevention of injury.

What people say:

Godlike Mark
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Top people, friendly, approachable and very welcoming. If you're just starting out or are on your own you've nothing to fear in the Peter Field Golf Shop! Had my lesson with Jasmine who is fantastic, patient and always takes time to ensure I understand. Would highly recommend (even though she always gives me homework 😂)
Richard Brown
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Geat golf shop, very helpful and knowledgeable. Golf pro's are very good and the lessons are fairly priced, great facilities
Dean Stratton
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Thankyou so much for my golf lesson, sonny was so helpful and a great pro , hope to see you soon.
Brendan Tinney
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Started golf lessons this week, Peter and the team are all very welcoming (and patient). Being a complete beginner they took the time to talk me through everything. Great facilities, would recommend the tech classes. 5 stars.
Kevin Coxon
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Great lesson from Rob with clear and concise instructions.
Ben Chirimunjiri
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Very good first session with Sony. Very good illustration using my current style of play vs good practice. Put me at easy and very looking forward to my next session.
David Sharples
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Excellent tuition quickly identified the issues with my swing and set up and had me striking the ball well in less than 30 minutes. Explanations were in easy understandable terms which made them easy to implement. Going back for more of the same to embed the improvements I've made with my first refresher lesson.
Craig Oates
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Great lesson, made me feel comfortable and some instant results plus some tips to take away for our next session. Easy to book and great facilities.
Thomas Konopka
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First class session with Jim, thorough knowledge, explained everything clearly, answered every single question and let me test anything I wanted. Jim guided me clearly and just opened my eyes a bit, showed we what I was good at and where I needed the help. Worth the money.
Sarb Gosal
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Excellent first lesson with Sonny, explained everything so clearly and the use of the technology during the session was really beneficial.
Christina Bell
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Excellent teaching, made to feel relaxed therefore creating a pleasant atmosphere for learning.
Andy Tyson
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Another good coaching session with Jasmine , now to put it into practice.
Simon Williams
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Great bunker lesson with Rob. I need to now change 35 years of muscle memory but hopefully it's for the best!
Robert Morris
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I signed up for a bunker class and thought Rob (the pro) was really good, taught me something new. My only issue was the number of attendees in the class, one or two less and it would have been perfect.
Nicola Laurie
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Excellent lesson again with Lewis, the technology and tuition at Peter Field is incredible. Looking forward to my next lesson.
David Pask
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Great lesson yesterday as always.
Alexander Bowl
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My 13 yr old son had a lesson with Sonny. Thoroughly positive experience, Sonny made it fun and engaging and my sons swing improved dramatically in a 30 minute session. He’s hooked and is very excited about his first round of golf! We will definitely be back for more!
Ben Wilsonham
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Was given a lesson as a gift for Christmas and it was really fun. Everyone in there was super friendly while I waited and Jasmine was a great teacher, I picked up enough in the lesson to progress on my own if I wanted to but I will be booking another lesson for sure.
Melanie Clark
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Had a golf lesson earlier this week with Sonny, which was absolutely brilliant! Learnt so much about how much the little things matter!! Many thanks for your patience and guidance!
Paul Collier
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Very friendly, very knowledgeable really connected with my son for his first lesson.
Martin Jermy
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I opted for the 60 minute tech lesson package and I was very impressed with the way Rob Wilkinson constructed the session. His explanations were clear and concise and not difficult to understand. Rob is very personable and only moves you forward at the correct pace for you and makes sure you understand what is required. Thanks Rob.
Simon Williams
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Great Trackman lesson with Jim who explains things very clearly.
Neil Smyth
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Grandson had a great lesson with Jasmine. Consideration given for his age and development and some simple fixes well explained.
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Rob was awesome, my first ever lesson and he managed to add 30+ yards to my iron shots by turning my choppy hack of a swing into something slightly more graceful. Would 100% recommend him and will be going back for him to sort out my awful driving next.

Who’s this session for?

A common misconception with our technology is it’s only reserved for elite players or players who understand “numbers”. This session is aimed at anyone who wants to: • Increase club head speed
• Decrease likelihood of injury
• Become more efficient in your movements and golf swing
• Understand why you swing how you currently swing

How long does the session last?

The recommended duration for this session is 90 Minutes. This gives sufficient time to understand and practice the prescribed movement drills with the correct visual and sensory feedback. What are the pricing options? Please get in touch if you would like to enquire about the cost of this as an individual session. We also offer bespoke packages for individuals looking to target medium to long-term progress. With an initial analysis, a practice and performance plan will then be drawn up bespoke to your needs and requirements. Please contact Lewis to enquire more about a bespoke package via email.

What does a session consist of?

We have a fantastic driving range facility courtesy of the Norwich Family Golf Centre, so no hitting into a net here! Once suited up with the K-Motions 3D straps and standing on the Swing Catalyst pressure plate, you will be asked to hit a defined target on the driving range. In this data collection phase, we will be measuring how you move, how you interact with the ground, how your club delivers to the ball and the overall ball flight.

We now need to understand what we are looking at – this does not mean we will bombard you with numbers! We will help you understand what we are seeing in 3D, pressure and force. To help understanding, we use visual cues such as demonstrations, but also sensory information (feels).

We now understand your current movement patterns and how we can make them more efficient – we now need to execute it! Using different training aids and movement concepts, with sensory and visual feedback, will help you understand and learn what we need you to do.

Every session is finished with a complete summary of what we have learned and what we would like you to achieve going forward. We record a swing catalyst lesson overview, which is a video of your swing and us taking over the changes recroded by our mic.

Our Coaches

With a diverse coaching team that includes male, female, left and right hand staff, your experience will be fulfilling whilst learning with us.

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