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New gear alert! From TaylorMade, Callaway and Ping

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The golf gear nerds out there will know by now that we have a slew of new releases to stave off the winter blues coming up! So here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll start seeing on the shelves in the coming weeks:

Taylormade QI10

The carbon age continues. The focus with Taylormade’s latest offering is all about forgiveness, with the name being a reference to the “Quest for 10k Inertia”. Moment of Inertia (MOI) is the measurement used for a club’s resistance to twisting and 10,000 MOI is the highest measurement we’ve ever seen on that scale. Developments have also come in the woods in the form of an improved carbon face and crown, the face adding speed to strikes all over the face and the crown redistributing weight where it’s needed most.

The irons bare the same name and are Taylormade’s game improvement offering. With the stronger, more powerful QI10 offering distance and the QI10 HL being a game improvement iron still but with more loft which is a niche in the market that not many manufacturers are filling!

TaylorMde Qi10 Book a Fitting copy 1300x731

Callaway Paradym Ai-Smoke

Forgiveness is the name of the game again, with Callaway’s big commitment to the AI designed face supposedly offering increased speed and forgiveness across the face. A reworking of the internal chassis has also reduced weight by 15%, allowing weight to be distributed into the perimeters for increased stability.

The irons are again structured in a way to offer a stronger lofted iron along with a higher lofted game improvement iron. The Ai-Smoke also offers the Max Fast option, which is a higher lofted, lighter offering, perfect for slower swing speeds to gain height and power to maximise every aspect of ball flight.

Callaway Ai Smoke Book a Fitting copy 1300x731

Ping G430 10K

I’m sure by now you can gather that forgiveness is the order of the day! This addition to Ping’s current G430 line offers a 10,000 MOI measurement which again means that the ball will be straighter off of more locations on the face. It’s the biggest profile drived that Ping have offered while still being in legal limits and has a thinner face to increase ball speeds. This is also available in the HL build that Ping have been offering in the G430, which is a lighter set up to increase launch and speed, particularly for lower swing speeds.

PING G430 Max10K 1200x675 copy

So plenty to check out at the start of the year, if you would like to try them out and get fitted for them, make sure to get in touch with the shop so you can see just how forgiving these new clubs are!

Jim Mitchell
Head Custom Fitter

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