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The NEW Mizuno ST-Z & ST-X Drivers 2021

mizuno latest drivers

Mizuno seem to have fallen in to the category of a ‘Forged iron’ manufacturer over the last few years. Its not since Nick Faldo was tearing it up with Mizuno T-Zoid woods that Mizuno have really competed in this market. Last years ST200 releases were brilliant, a great head design that really increased launch and reduced spin, large cross section of shafts for different category of golfer and all at a reasonable price. The only complaint we heard was based on the feel and sound of the driver…This year is definitely going to be different with the release of ST-Z and ST-X.


mizuno latest drivers

2021 Mizuno STX & STZ


The New ‘Feel’

Mizuno’s Chris Voshall says tour players specifically asked for a more solid or dense impact sensation from any new driver. By tweaking the new titanium face design, there’s now a crosshair type pattern on the back, and thanks to including vibration absorbing carbon fibre sole panels there’s now a very different ‘solid’ impact sensation.


The Mizuno ST-Z

Mizuno STZ

Mizuno ST-Z Sole and Crown View


  • The ST-Z is wider from front to back, it has a more modern elongated shape with a wide and low elongated head shape.
  • Mizuno say it offers ultra-stable low spin efficiency.
  • Expect a very neutral quite traditional look at address.
  • Mizuno believe the ST-Z is a good choice for little shape, straight line long drives.

This is the model that is going to rival your CAllaway Epic Speed or Tailor-made Sim2. Its design is hot off the face and stable on off centre hits. Mizuno have gone all out on upgraded shafts too offering the following as stock options (no uncharge)!

  • Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 60 / 70,
  • Fujikura Motore XF3 50 / 60 /70,
  • Project X Riptide CB 40 / 50 / 60.



Mizuno ST-X


Mizuno STX Crown and Sole view


  • The ST-X is not a traditional draw driver, it’s shape is preferred by a majority of Mizuno staff players.
  • The head is shorter from front to back than the ST-Z.
  • The ST-X has a deeper head (more face height) and it’s more upright.
  • Comes in two set ups. A standard 11g sole weight is for golfers using traditional weight shafts. Where the 4g (white) sole weight set up allows golfers to dial in a super lightweight (39g shaft) J-Spec option.

Although this is technically a draw biased driver its not what you would typically expect to see. It does have the weight shifted slightly towards the heel to promote the club face closure at impact but the design of making it more upright is what tilts the face to the left.  Being slightly deeper in face and smaller from front to back is what appears nice to the eye for the more traditionalist.



It always speaks volumes when tour players start using the equipment. Seven Mizuno drivers were in play at the Sony Open (PGA Tour) early in 2021, and that number would have been zero just a decade ago. That week Mizuno staff player Keith Mitchell, topped the driving stats with a driving average of 326.1 yards.


Keith Mitchell Driving Stat

With two drivers to chose from and great options in shaft all for great value of £399 this is going to be a massive rival to your normal dominators of the driving world. I couldn’t recommend these any higher…If you’re looking for a new driver for when we return to golf these will be awaiting you to try when you book a club fitting at Peter Field Golf.

You can book your Driver Fitting here.

Rob Wilkinson

PGA Professional