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The Difference Between Trackman 4 And GC Quad?



Trackman 4 is one of the world’s leading launch monitors for golf, the system uses dual Doppler
radars that send out Microwaves to monitor the launch of the golf ball. The radars are also able to
track your swing so Trackman is a great tool for coaching, not just custom fitting. The Doppler
radars can track the ball up to 400 yards whilst producing a vast group of numbers that can be
used to interpret your game.


GC Quad is a quadrascopic launch monitor that has been designed to deliver the precise ball and club
data with help from its four super high-speed cameras. As an Assistant Teaching Professional, it
provides me with instant feedback straight after impact, that help me understand how my client
delivers the club to the ball. The main reason why the Quad is so appealing is the fact that it can
capture 200 pictures during impact from four different perspectives, the four reflective dots allows
the stereoscopic cameras to measure that precise point, which allows us here at Peter Field Golf
Shop to provide you with pinpoint accuracy.



GC Quad and Trackman 4 both are fantastic bits of equipment that allow us to measure data not
just on the range but in lots of different scenarios. For example, when teaching on the short game
area the quad could be used to see how you deliver your wedges. From this data we would also be
able to gather a vast group of numbers, this may include Launch Angle, Spin Rate, Delivered Lie
Angle, Impact Location, and Decent Angle. These are just a few performance metrics that the Quad
can measure that could help you transform your pitching.








Trackman 4 has just recently updated its putting software which includes lots of new parameters
such as Club Path, Face Angle, Launch Angle, and many more. When having a putting lesson or if
you are thinking about having a putter fitting, Trackman 4 is an important tool to use as it allows us
to receive data that we wouldn’t be able to achieve from just watching the ball roll. Some of you
may think it could be too technical, however, the team at Peter Field Golf has been through extended
learning programs that allow us to have a greater understanding of these parameters.


The most common question we get asked day today is “which one is better for coaching and
which one is better for fitting” I think they’re both fantastic launch monitors in both
aspects. However, Trackman 4 has the edge for fitting as the ball can be tracked for its full flight (up
to 400 yards) by its dual Doppler Radars that measure ball data accurately. GC Quad is a great
launch monitor for coaching as we can receive data on how you deliver the club to the ball via its
four perspective points. This data could then be interpreted by the coach to drastically help you
with your game. We know that both Launch Monitors are positioned completely differently with the
Trackman being positioned behind, compared to the Quad being just in front of you. However, tests
have shown that ball and club data has been very similar from both Launch Monitors when running side
by side. If you are reading this and you haven’t ever been on a Launch Monitor I would highly
recommend coming to see us as we have both launch monitors!







So if you are in the market for a fitting or a lesson, hopefully, this blog has given you an insight on
both the Launch Monitors and how they measure data. If you would like to find out further
information feel free to pop into the shop and ask one of the team to show you around our studios.
They’re a real eye-opener!

Sonny Williams

PGA Assistant Professional