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Club Comparison Blog Taylormade vs Mizuno



Here is a club comparison blog on the Mizuno JPX 921 Forged/Tour and the Taylormade P770’s, within this I will be discussing who they are targeted at, what sort of player would benefit from both of these clubs and the differences and similarities between them both. Arguably these two clubs are on everyone’s wish list this year, they look superb, feel great, and most importantly perform amazingly. Both of these clubs are fantastic but who would benefit from these the most.



Starting with the Mizuno’s the JPX Family has been very popular over the last 3-4 Years, significantly the last two models (921,919) have been brilliant. Due to the popularity of their irons, Mizuno has really built up a name for themselves in the iron market, this is built on a history of amazing successes within their products throughout the years. They even have a slogan for their iron range “Nothing Feels Like a Mizuno” which to be honest they do feel awesome! In my opinion, the Mizuno iron range has a wide variety of different head choices depending on the player’s ability. From a super forgiving head (921 HM) to help forgiveness and distance, to a tiny (921 TOUR) head which is built for consistency in terms of launch and spin, feedback off the face and workability in ball flight. A popular feature with the new iron range is that you have the opportunity to “blend” the set of golf clubs, This means you can have the forged in the 4, 5 & 6 iron than in the lower irons. Then finishing off the set with the Tour irons from 7 to PW. Many club golfers and tour professionals will play a combo set of irons, I have even blended 3 different models heads in one complete set for a customer. Gone of the days when you could only have one style of head throughout the bag. Lots of manufacturers currently do this but in my opinion, I feel that Mizuno do a remarkable job when it comes to the finish and looks of a golf club. So when blending irons they all feel and look like one fantastic complete set.




Moving onto the very popular p770, this golf club is jammed pack full of tech! The p770 has been designed in a way that it has all the technology features that are in p790, arguably Taylormade’s best iron. P770 offers a smaller more compact design whilst still achieving premium performance. In my opinion, I am more of a fan of the design of the p770, just because I like the slightly smaller head shape, as that is the design I have played throughout the years. This golf club offers so much forgiveness considering the size of the clubhead. Just like the Mizuno, the Taylormade iron range has the option to blend multiple heads into one complete set. For me, this is a brilliant feature, for some people the P770 in a 4 & 5 iron may be daunting. Therefore you have the option to slide in a P790 4 & 5 to add that extra forgiveness on the longer shots.




Custom Fitting Options

Both manufacturers offer lots of different custom fitting options. However, there is one brand out of the two that definitely has the edge when it comes to customisation options. Unfortunately, Taylormade does charge extra for different types of grips and shafts which can be quite frustrating as the clubs are already expensive. In comparison to Mizuno, the custom fitting options are totally different. They offer premium golf pride grips all for free! Some of them cost up to £15 per grip. Mizuno’s shaft options are very well rounded, including lots of shafts that benefit many different players. For some golfers, golf clubs are a way to express their style, whether that be matching grips with shaft colour or specific brands. This amount of detail in customisation allows golfers to have pride in their golf equipment. In my opinion, I would have to say that Mizuno is the winner of this category purely because there are more options to be able to change whilst custom fitting, Mizuno is the only manufacture that offers unconditional options with no added costs.



Finally, to round this blog off I would have to say both the clubs that I have compared today are going to be in lots of golfers bag this year. From a custom fitting perspective, I would say the Mizuno Jpx has the edge purely down to the custom options, as this allows me to build the best club possible. However, this is not to say that you can’t build a well performing P770. All golfers have their own opinion and preferences on specific clubs, and it’s important that the customer feels confident with what they are using. It would be great to see what your opinion would be on these two clubs or even a similar head style in a different brand. Feel free to contact me at and I would be happy to answer any custom fitting questions or even general questions about your current set up.


Sonny Williams

PGA Assistant Professional