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When Should You Change Your Golf Equipment?

Going into 2020 some of you may be thinking about changing your golf equipment. But before you start to look at purchasing new golf clubs here’s a few tips you should consider.



Depending on the age of your golf clubs, you may find that they may need updating. In fact, more than likely if your clubs are really old, they are probably not performing up to the same standard as the new ones on the market, as technology within golf clubs has drastically improved.



Working in a golf shop I find that I am constantly looking at new products, especially when I am drawn towards clubs that look eye catching. I have carried out research on how often golfers change their equipment. The results found that golfers typically change their clubs after hitting the four-year milestone – with some even having clubs 10 years after their purchase date!

The results are:

  • 7% replace their clubs every 12 months
  • 2% replace them every 2 years
  • 17% change them every 3 years
  • Almost a third (31%) change their clubs every 4 years
  • Almost half (43%) change their clubs after 4 years



Within the last decade technology has massively improved in golf clubs. We have seen changeable adapters to sliding weights on the bottom, to super-fast ball speeds off the club face. When looking for new equipment you will need to consider researching the latest tech within the clubs that may enhance your consistency when playing. A good understanding of how your clubs perform is vital, and with the help of TrackMan 4 we can analyse your
golf club’s performance whilst comparing them to current clubs.







Club Degradation

Playing week in and week out our golf clubs can deteriorate. This can happen over a short period of time. You also must take in to account the amount of time we spend practicing, whether it be outside or on the driving range. You may not know but practicing on a mat over a long duration of time can affect your lie angles and lofts on your clubs. This is due to the constant descending blow to the hard mat.

Here are a few things you could look out for when you’re next practicing and playing!

  • Are your grips worn?
  • Have your golf shafts become weak & soft or even marked?
  • Are you seeing a change in your lofts and lies?
  • Are the club faces on your clubs deprecated?

If you have noticed any of these above, you may need to consider changing your equipment! If you have any queries, we are more than welcome to help you and provide you with the best advice.


 Playing Ability Changes

Over the course of a year or two you may find that you’re going through changes within your golf swing. These changes may be good, these changes may be bad. Depending on your playing ability there are lots of products available that can help your golf. However, it is really important that we get those clubs fitted appropriately to your needs. If you are looking to lower your handicap this year, it is essential that you set goals. Setting goals will encourage determination and self-belief within your mindset. You and your coach can set monthly objectives to achieve your targets but primarily to hit your goals for the season. Whether that will be lowering your handicap, being a consistent ball striker or to improve your course management.



Hopefully this blog has made you more aware of what to look for when you are considering upgrading your equipment. As well as looking out for certain issues or problems that could occur with your clubs!

Sonny Williams

PGA Assistant Professional