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What are Ladies classes?

Ladies Golf Lessons with Jasmine Campbell | Peter Field Golf, Norwich

As a female golf professional, I believe it is paramount that ladies are given the opportunity to be introduced to golf. This is why I started leading Ladies Beginner Golf Classes last summer resulting in 18 new ladies taking part and continuing their golfing journey.  

What are ladies classes?  

I currently lead 2 types of ladies golf classes, they are; ladies beginner classes which are to introduce new ladies into the game in a relaxed and fun environment covering multiple aspects of the game preparing them for the course. The second is a ladies intermediate class which is the next step for the ladies who have completed the beginner’s course and would like more on-course guidance and support. 

What do they cover?  

During the 4 beginners sessions, we cover topics including; Irons, Driving, Short Game, and Putting discussing the technical and practical side to each one deepening your understanding of each topic. 

During the intermediate on-course sessions, we cover topics such as; un-even lies, rules, etiquette, club choice, shot choice, plus the opportunity for you to ask me any questions you would like answered. This also gives you the chance to get out on the course with ladies of similar abilities as well as myself who is there to help you.  

As well as the on-course sessions, there are two, one-hour sessions in between for us to work on a particular area where the group is struggling. This gives you an opportunity to understand what is going on, have a practice and be ready for the next on-course session.  


Why are they beneficial?- 

The reason I started these classes and also started teaching is down to the fact that I always wished I had a female professional when I started and had more opportunities to meet other women/girls who wanted to learn and improve their golf.

Not only do these classes benefit you from a technical point, but they also give you the chance to meet other ladies who have joined for the same reason you have and are at the very same level as you are. 

For example, the first group of ladies who came for the beginner’s sessions now have a WhatsApp group where they meet up to go to the driving range, play 9 holes together, and have made real friendships through a sport they all enjoy learning and improving in.  

How to book-  

The ladies beginner sessions are £75 for 4 weeks of coaching, this includes all range balls and equipment that you may need to borrow. The groups are limited to a maximum of 6 ladies for the ease of meeting one another and allowing you to get the most out of the sessions.

While the intermediate classes are more expensive at £125, it is the best follow-on step to keep on learning and improving in a relaxed environment.  

If you are interested in finding out more about the classes or would like to register your interest, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me either by email or by phone.  

Phone: 01603 740979 

Jasmine Campbell 
Trainee PGA Professional