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Ladies Development and Introduction to Golf Programme

ladies golf lessons at Peter Field Golf

So, what have we offered to increase ladies’ participation in golf?

Here at Peter field golf, we have been supporting the inclusion of ladies golf by introducing regular introductory lesson courses as well as the opportunity and pathway to progress, these have been incredibly well supported and have seen many ladies go through.

Why are they so popular?

I think there are many reasons for this. We have our own Female PGA Professional, Jasmine who has competed at a very high standard before turning professional and coaching. For some, this is a very nice change and creates a different dynamic for our ladies’ group classes.

We have also worked hard to offer a progression for all ladies wanting to learn. It has often been overlooked that an introduction course of lessons doesn’t offer anything afterward. We are privileged enough to have fantastic all-year-round covered facilities along with 2 golf courses at our disposal here at Norwich family golf centre.

As a result, the introductory beginner classes are able to progress onto the intermediate course and enroll in a continued development that has seen constant improvement for all ladies who have joined us. This focuses very much on the transition from the practice area to the skills of playing golf out on the course. This is, without doubt, the biggest challenge for all new golfers and has worked incredibly well for our ladies, learning how to take their new learned skills out to play and enjoy a round. This coupled with some sessions to reflect on areas that needed help. So for example, if the group’s bunker play or putting needs more work, we can focus on the skills needed to improve on it.

We have now taken this a stage further and set up some advanced tech sessions for ladies that have worked through the current programme. What we have recognised is that as time and experience is gained, the ladies seem very eager to learn more new skills and develop their game. The introduction of some tech lessons using our pressure plate Swing Catalyst and launch monitor GCQuad allow us to really detail areas of the swing that need to change and help develop consistency.

During this time, we have seen a pattern of ladies all participating and some nice network groups being built. Membership has also increased at the same time, which is a testament to the success of the programme set up by Jasmine.

As always a very positive lesson with Jasmine. She has given me so much confidence & I always look forward to my lessons with her. Without her my clubs would still be hidden in a wardrobe where they have been for the past 10 years.

The club has such a wonderful feel about it and as a beginner it has everything I could want. I love playing the 9 hole course with other ladies who have been through the programme with Jasmine. 

If you would like to learn more about learning to play golf or indeed improve from where you are at, please email for more information or advice on where you should go next.