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How to pick the right putter!

We pride ourselves here at Peter Field Golf for the fitting service we offer on all parts of the game from driver, fairway & hybrid, irons, wedges and putter.

However, if we look at our statistics on how many driver fitting’s we undertook compared to putter fittings, the results are shocking!! From the period of Jan 1st 2019 to Dec 31st 2019 we had 5 times more driver fittings than putter fittings!!

This figure shocks me as putter will be used to hit at least 40% of shots in the round so getting the correct weight, look, style and feel will have a dramatic difference! This is something to keep in mind when also looking at the price of putters, most golfers accept that a driver is £300-£400 but have huge trouble in accepting a putter which is £150-£300 when you use it the most!!

What does a putter fitting consist of?

When having a putter fitting, we take into consideration several factors such as the shape of the putter, what do you like the look of? Although we are trying to fit you for the best performing putter, if you don’t feel confident over it then it’s probable you won’t putt well with it! Looking at modern putters now there are so many different shapes and each one will also perform a little differently to one another.

Image result for blade to mallet putter

This brings me onto how they are balanced, it is an old myth that if you putt straight back and through then you need a face balanced putter. Using the technology we have to offer with Trackman this is not always the best as although you may putt straight back and through you may constantly miss it to the right meaning a toe balanced putter may actually help more to rotate the face. This also links in with the overall weight of the putter, many golfers like a heavy headed putter but there are also some that don’t! This is another factor we can take into consideration when fitting!!

Image result for different types of putter shapes

There are also many different neck shapes, these affect the balance of the putter, where the sweet spot of the putter is and the aesthetics of it to you! Another factor is length, an important thing to remember is this doesn’t always link into how tall you are!! I am 5ft 5” and use a 35” putter because I like to stand more upright and closer to it. Therefore, when we are putter fitting we have a look at your technique and numbers produced and try a variety of lengths to find what suits you!!

Lastly, there are now different grip types in terms of both size and shape which can have an effect on the rotation of the putter and how the wrists work in the putting stroke. Some people like a super thin grip so that they can feel the putter better where as some people like a thicker grip so that they redice their wrist action and rotation of the putter itself.

Image result for different putter grip sizes

If you have never had your putter fitted, I would strongly advise that you do! As I have just outlined there is a huge number of factors to take into consideration and by just picking up a few off the shelf and trying them out you can’t always tell the difference in not only feel but performance!

If you have any further questions or would like to get booked in for a putter fitting, speak to one of our team or email me.

Jasmine Campbell

Assistant PGA Professional