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Here’s How Quintic Ball Roll Made Me a Better Putter

How Quintic Ball Roll Made Me a Better Putter…

It’s the part of the game that everyone neglects even if they know they shouldn’t. Putting. Historically a steady, if not impressive part of my game, the flat stick has never really been good enough to get me out of trouble if I’m poor tee-to-green but has never got me in to too much trouble. Since the spring where we’ve input some market leading technology that has changed. Lag putting is improved and particularly within 6 feet, a better understanding of the club face has made short putting more of a guarantee to the point where for the first time my putting feels like a strength, and the reason is Quintic.

Diving into the Stats:

“Drive for show, putt for dough” has now been debunked, and we can prove it with the stats from the PGA Tour. The top of the tree on season putting stats are names like Maverick McNealy, Tayor Montgomery & Taylor McCarthy (not a win between them this year), compare that to the tee-to-green stats where the top 3 features Scottie Scheffler, Rory McIlroy & Patrick Cantlay (which four ball are you picking to play in?). Now this isn’t to say that putting isn’t important, as clearly it is, but the takeaways from looking at the data is good tee-to-green play gets you on the dancefloor, closer to the hole in fewer shots which is always valuable. Then all you need is the putter to get hot and you’re winning tournaments, as tournament to tournament the winner is invariably high in the putting stats. So long game gets you to the door, but putting is the key that gets you inside.

The Quintic Experience:

The way Quintic works is use of a high speed camera, which tracks the club and the ball. With how nuanced the fine margins are for putting the only way we can look at it is in 720 frames per second. From my time on Quintic I’ve not only been able to make technical adjustments to my stroke, based off of actionable data, but I’ve developed an understanding of my tendencies and the way I can adjust to different scenarios. For example, optimum launch angle for a putter is around the 1.5-2 degree mark, I have often been over this which can have a big effect on speed and consistency. This means that when I’ve gone to a course with quicker greens, I’m already prepared to make an adjustment in my pace control before I’ve blown a putt 6 feet past the hole on the 1st. Additionally it means when I putt from the fringe I can actually lean into this tendency, get the ball up quicker and over the longer grass to get a truer roll.

So not only can you use this equipment to improve your technical skills, it can also change your decision making on the course itself based off of environmental changes.

So How Can Quintic Help You?:

With this level of detail there is no way it couldn’t. With our expert stable of PGA pros and a market leading system our ability to help you hole more putts is second to none. So, is your problem related to line? We can look at how you rotate the face, align the putter, where you strike it amongst other things to tell you exactly why you’re struggling. Are you struggling with pace? We can look at how the ball is rolling off of the face, the acceleration of the club up to the ball, how the ball is launching to find the best route to get the ball nestling up next to the hole more frequently.

If you want to learn more about our new favourite toy click the links below to book a lesson or putter fitting using the best technology on the market. Hopefully it can help you as much as it has me.

Jim Mitchell
Customer Fitting Specialist
Peter Field Golf