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Using Distances To Help Your On Course Management

When on the golf course it is necessary that you have an understanding of what course management actually is, as this is a major part of the game that can guide you around the course even when you may not be playing your best game. Using distances/measurements to plot your way around is very important. There is lots of equipment and technology that is offered to help us gather an understanding of how far we hit the ball. Here at the Peter field golf shop we have access to the most accurate launch monitor in the world.  TrackMan 4’s dual radar system offers incredible efficiency when tracking ball flight, from the data we can see very accurate numbers. However some of you may not have access to a twenty thousand pound launch monitor to practice dialing in our distances.

In addition, the majority of golfers will carry a rangefinder or a watch which will help them with choosing the correct club relative to the distance. Having a rangefinder makes life so much easier on the course. You won’t be pacing out steps from the 150 post, or looking up and down the fairway to find the 150 post. Having a rangefinder will offer you the clarification on how far you have into the green, which will improve your shots into the green.


Being familiar with how far your clubs go will give you confidence and precision when on the course. This is even more important when you go away to play different courses. Practicing and dialing in your clubs on the range in easy, but that’s whether you can take that onto the course. This is when having more time on the course is much greater than spending endless hours on the range. Putting a few balls down in different areas on the course will train your management skills to make the correct decision.

Knowing your distances off the tee and picturing what golf shot you intend to hit before you strike that ball is crucial. This is key for your course management skills as you have to have a clear picture of where you would like your ball to go. Making sure that this is done with precision you will be able to have a better understanding of your own golf swing, as this could show you or your coach what areas you may struggle with. Whether it be off the tee or your shot decisions into the green.

Hopefully, this blog has given you a better understanding of how you can improve your course management skills. Therefore using a rangefinder on the course can have a huge impact on your golf, by you knowing and being familiar with the distances of your clubs. This will then allow you to make the correct decisions on the course.

If you would like to pop in the shop and share some of your ideas with the team, we would be happy to listen.

Sonny Williams

PGA Assistant Professional