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Trackman University Certification – Why do we invest in getting certified?

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TrackMan 4 is one of the world’s leading launch monitors for golf, the system uses dual Doppler radars that send out Microwaves to monitor the launch of the golf ball. The radars are also able to track your swing so Trackman is a great tool for coaching not just custom fitting. The Doppler radars can track the ball up to 400 yards whilst producing a vast group of numbers that can be used to interpret your game.


Last year I was introduced into custom fittings, before I was let loose on the TrackMan I undertook a learning process where Rob and Lewis educated me on how to deliver a custom fitting. Throughout this process I was able to build a knowledge bank where my understanding of the different parameters can affect an individual’s performance. Since using TrackMan over the last year I have gained a passion for carrying out custom fittings, it is something that I enjoy being a part of and I feel very privileged to be able to use the fantastic piece of equipment every day.

Over the course of one year, I have achieved a professional level 2 certification for TrackMan. Only being 19 I see this as a massive achievement as it provides me with a highly recognised accomplishment worldwide. With the quality of our team we can provide an excellent analysis for each individual’s needs and requirements. This sets us apart from other establishments within the area. Being young I feel at home with this technology and my knowledge is only going to excel as the technology progresses. By having my level 2 certification it has advanced my progression within my PGA training, undergoing assignments and exams I feel that I am more confident due to my experience with TrackMan.




To achieve my level 2 certification I have covered the “ten fundamentals” which consists of …


  1. Distance
  2. Smash factor
  3. Spin rate
  4. Launch angle
  5. Launch direction
  6. Club path
  7. Spin axis 1
  8. Spin axis 2
  9. Straight shot
  10. Bounce & roll


These elements have allowed me to gain the knowledge to adapt to different situations whilst custom fitting and coaching. For example, how and why club path and launch direction have an impact on the player’s golf ball. Whilst learning about these fundamentals I have also learned about course management factors which consist of wind, temperature, and elevation, and how these environmental factors can have an impact on ball flight. For instance, did you know that when it comes to distance a headwind hurts more than a tailwind helps? Did you know that higher air pressure results in shots that carry shorter fly higher, and land steeper? High air pressure means that the air is denser and therefore creates more lift and drag on the ball. Finally, did you know that higher humidity results in shots that carry further, fly lower, and land flatter? Higher humidity means that the air is less dense and therefore creates this lift and drag. Although these are essential when custom fitting and coaching, it is also vital that my product knowledge is of high quality. This is to ensure that the consumer receives the best experience possible whilst being fitted for a new set of clubs or being taught in a lesson.



Overall, for me, TrackMan has helped me develop my understanding of custom fittings and coaching due to the advanced technology. I am now able to carry out a custom fitting with confidence because of my extensive learning and ability to adapt to different individuals. Looking into the future I would like to become a TrackMan Master where I would have an even greater depth of knowledge which will set me apart from different coaches within the region.

Hopefully, this has given you an insight into what learning process I have gone through to achieve my level 1&2 TrackMan qualification. I have really enjoyed learning the different elements of TrackMan as it has helped me understand my golf game and how I perceive specific aspects of the game. If you have any questions regarding my experience with trackMan and if you would like to know more about the process of a custom fitting please feel free to pop into the shop and speak to one of our team!


Sonny Williams

PGA Assistant Professional