An Iron Fitting with Technology

With 7 members of staff and a combined 10000 hours of club fitting experience there is only one place in Norwich to have a full bespoke custom fitting. Not only do we have the knowledge and expertise but we have the equipment at our disposal to delve into your golf swing/ movement patterns and ball flight. We offer you the opportunity to use Trackman 4 (most used Launch monitor on Tour) AND CGQuad. These 2 units are the worlds leading launch monitors that will help us to determine exactly what is needed to build a platform for you to perform to your maximum.


The 10 steps to help you find the right clubs


Initial Pre Fitting Consultation – We like to meet before to understand where you are with your golf and what you’re hoping to get from the club fitting whether it be a gain in distance, tighter dispersion, higher ball flight or it might just be consistency of strike. Whatever you arehopong to improve i cant stress enough how delving into custom fitting will aid you.


Your existing club assessment – We are more than happy to start with your existing clubs, we actually like to see you hit your own. This allows us to explain why you get the flight you do and what we can change to help you improve. The nice side is if you don’t see an improvement you can stick with what you have!



Trackman 4 / GC Quad – This allows us to get started by looking at your clubbed speed, ball speed, smash factor, launch, spin along with some other important numbers. If you are interested in the numbers and how we evaluate we talk you through these during the fitting experience.



The Shaft Optimiser – One of the revolutionary pieces of equipment to be brought in to club fit. This is a 6 iron that has a computer on board, it shows the stress that you put on the shaft during a golf swing. It highlights your clubhhead speed, tempo, toe down, kick angle and release, form this it reccomends the bracket of shaft suited to you, whether that is steel/graphite, the flex of shaft you should use and even the weight! IT takes all the guess work out and reassures you are making the right choice of shaft.


Club Head design & technology – We will advise you on club head styles, the pros and cons to each model. We give you time to try all the different head styles that you may wish too. We do have the opinion that looks matter, so you will have the say over which styles you like and dislike. The club fitting technician will use their experience to recommend a head style.



Shaft Selection Process – During the trial of different club head styles the fitting technician will use different lengths, weights and flexes obtained from the shaft optimiser results to find the best performing combination for you.


Lie angle assessment – This is huge & not to be overlooked. Lie angle of a golf club is different for many people and we are constantly testing these with our clients. Lie angle affects how the club interacts with the turf and where the club face is pointing at IMPACT. Ive capital Impact as thats where it matters most. This is not a static measurement that measuring wrist o floor can cover. Trackman 4 and GC Quad measure this at Impact, allowing us to measure this accurately down to 0.1 of a degree. To put it bluntly if your club is 1* out at impact on a 150 yard shot its 10 yards right/left of target. We regularly see people 2/3* out.



Grip Size – Affects comfort more than anything. We measure grip size and will recommend a composite to best suit you.


Club Combination – Once we have spent some time viewing your swing/shots we will offer a recommendation of what combination of clubs you could opt for.


Follow up Assessment and Yardage analysis – This is a Free of charge after service. If you have purchased clubs from Peter Field Golf Shop you will be asked to return after playing 3-4 weeks of golf to reassess your purchase. This give you chance to deliver feedback on how you are integrating with the new set up, us a chance to double check the set up including lie angle and cover all the clubs in your bag with a yardage analysis.

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