Putter fittings

Now there are serious advances in equipment that enables amateurs to hit longer and straighter drives, well technology has advanced in Putters as well.


As with any part of the game if you have a sound technique and strong set-up as well as a good understanding of how to read a green it will give you more of a chance to improve your putting. Couple this with the correct putter and it gives you even more of a chance.


Here at Peter Field Golf we have the latest launch monitors to detail exactly what flat stick is needed to help you hole more putts.


We will provide detail on the following areas.


Length of putter –

The correct length sets your eye position about 1-2” inside the target line, setting your eyes virtually over the hosel of the putter. You might have been told that when you putt, your eyes should be over the ball. But if you set up that way, your perception of the putting line can get distorted. When we get hitting putts during the fitting we will explain how this works.


Lie Angle of putter –


The lie angle is hugely affected by the length of a putter. This will have an impact on your consistency of strike. Putters have a small amount of loft too, so if the lie angle is wrong this can tilt the loft to point left or right of your intended start line before you’ve even begun!


Starting you see how important putter fitting is?


Well theres more…


Head style –


There are 3 recognised putter styles. Heavily toe weighted. Heel – Toe Weighted and the Mallet. The 3 offer different weights and balances designed to suit your bespoke style of set up and way of putting. By using PutterFit, Trackman 4 and GCQuad we can very quickly see an in depth picture of how you putt and which style would suit you.


As I was writing earlier, technology has moved on in putters as much as other clubs. Without getting too technical MOI (moment of inertia) is the ability of an object to resist twisting. Off centre hits cause the club head to twist during the stroke. The higher the MOI basically means that there is more resistance to twist from an off centre hit, keeping the face much squarer at impact thus making it more forgiving = The opportunity to hole more putts.

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