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Teaching juniors with Tech and their learning style (applicable to adults too!)

Junior Custom Fitting | Peter Field Golf Shop, Norwich

Since we have invested in 3 state of the art teaching studios we have seen incredible results with peoples games. The environment to learn has progressed so much from the good old days of standing behind the student and watching their ball flight. We can now look in to 31 parameters of what happens to the club, ball, and in flight characteristics. We can look at slow motion video replays and even look in to how you use the ground with pressure and where your weight goes.

One of the most surprising benefits we’ve found to these studios is how much junior golfers enjoy and progress in having ‘Tech Lessons’. With juniors now more than ever interested in technology, computers and coding adding this element in to a golf lesson has been incredibly successful. Having a launch monitor allows us to create fun learning scenarios and getting them on to the golf course quicker than ever, to focus on creating height in shots, carry distance, learning to hit up or down on the golf ball, where exactly do you strike the ball on the face (which is only understood usually from years of experience) plus many many more.
There are 3 main learning avenues in Visual, Kinaesthetic and auditory, with the ‘Tech’ lessons we offer we cover all 3. Those of you that have had a well structured golf lesson in the past will recognise how important it is to have a good rapport with a coach and be on the same ‘level’. Having a tech lesson allows us to find that ‘level’ quicker than ever before.

1. Auditory Learning Style:

Auditory learners learn best through their sense of hearing. This means they remember and understand new concepts better when they are explained out loud even if they’re doing the speaking themselves. They can even better retain knowledge when new ideas are paired with nonverbal sounds such as music, drum beats or clapping.

2. Visual Learning Style

Visual learners learn best when their sense of sight is engaged. They quickly show an affinity for books and reading, starting with picture books and quickly moving on to books with text. They are engaged by bright colours and clear diagrams and can learn from videos, demonstrations and classroom handouts. Of the three different learning styles, visual learning is most closely linked to traditional classroom teaching methods.

3. Kinaesthetic Learning Style

The most physical of all the learning styles, kinaesthetic learners absorb information best through touch, movement and motion. The word kinaesthetic refers to our ability to sense body position and movement. This means that to really understand something, they need to touch it, feel it and move it around.
See below for how our tech links to the learning styles described above…
Swing Catalyst allows us to film and see every golf swing, look at what is good/bad – Visual Learning
K-Motion 3D is a suit that tracks and allows you to feel the right position making a noise when you are in the correct posture for instance. Tracks sequence along with other aspects you just can’t see with your eyes. – Kinaesthetic Learning
GC Quad allows you exactly understand how your club is presented in to the ball. We can then talk through why the ball flies in a certain manner – Auditory learning

Getting on the golf course!!

On top of learning to swing the club efficiently our juniors have progressed incredibly from the ability to get on the golf course quicker than ever before. Having trackman 4 and 2x GC Quads has allowed us to teach juniors on the golf course from within a teaching studio with incredibly realistic courses. We can learn about teeing off, fairway shots, the short game and even putting. This gives us an opportunity to build confidence of playing on a full length golf course without the worry of holding people up or making mistakes.
So if you think your junior would like to experience a ‘Tech Lesson’ you can book one here.
Rob Wilkinson
PGA Professional