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Lesson Packages and flexibility

New Coaching Bays | Peter Field Golf, Norwich
We often get asked how frequently should you take golf lessons when someone books a programme or block of lessons. The answer is in the following questions..
What are your goals?
What is your realistic time frame?
How often will you practice?
How structured will your practice be?
How often will you play?
All of our programmes that we set are incredibly flexible. We have some students that are retired with a lot of time to practice and we have some that work 60+ hour weeks. Having the same programme to suit both of these students is destined to fail.
If for instance your goal is just to improve your driving, then having golf lessons congested without structured practice in between isn’t sensible, but if your aim is to improve in more than one area we can focus on different parts of your game from one session to the next. Focussing on your driving one session followed by short game in-between before retuning to driving the session after. There are a lot of areas where you can continually improve in golf.
The aim of golf lessons is for you to improve, so finding a balance that sits in with your lifestyle and keeping the enjoyment is key. There is little gain from having a golf lesson when you feel ill prepared, but if you are getting your practice, understanding and have some feedback for your coach then get those sessions in!!
We offer many avenues for you to improve your game, Not many are aware that when we structure a block of 6x 30 minute lessons we can taylor this time to who is in front of us. These 30 minute sessions can be simply taken individually or to work on specific areas of your game.
Say you are a beginner, intermediate or more experienced you may benefit from having a 30 min session broken down like this…
(speak to one of our team to see how it could be better tailored to you).


Lesson 1 – Basics like grip and stance, and concept of swinging a club.
Lesson 2 – introducing different clubs, wedges, irons, woods.
Lesson 3 – Short Game, learn chipping, pitching.
Lesson 4 – Putting.
Lesson 5 – Irons + Woods technique.
Lesson 6 – Hitting from the grass.


Lesson 1 – Improve your shape of shots with your driver.
Lesson 2 – Improve your ball striking and distance.
Lesson 3 – Learn to hit long irons/fairway woods from the floor.
Lesson 4 – Combine 2x 30 min sessions to go on the course to see how changes are taken to the golf course.
Lesson 5 –
Lesson 6 – Review last lesson to highlight areas to improve/focus on.


Lesson 1 – Combine 2x 30 min sessions to have a 1 Hour tech lesson to understand your tendencies in depth and make changes.
Lesson 2 –
Lesson 3 – Combine 2 lessons for on course playing analysis.
Lesson 4 –
Lesson 5 – Improve area discussed from playing analysis.
Lesson 6 – improve 2nd area discussed from playing analysis.
The above are just simple breakdowns of how your lessons can be used. We really like to get to know you and your game here at Peter Field Golf and as we do packages that are really beneficial for the individual can be found. Other options that might be of interest are..

Golf Swing Reboost – £225

4x 60 Minute Tech lessons to reintroduce you to golf or overhaul your game
Includes video analysis and data reports after each session

Short Game Solutions – £250

3x 60 Minute Tech Lessons
60 Minute Putter fitting
Short Game Yardage analysis

Driver Optimisation – £175

Sort your driver out with
1 Hour Trackman optimisation
3x 45 Minute tech lessons
(This will get you straighter and longer than ever!!)
If you are interested in golf lessons or to find out what direction we think you should go to improve then you can get in touch at and we will be happy to give you advice and direction.
Rob Wilkinson
PGA Professional