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How to pick/find the right driver in 2021

best golf drivers 2021 | Peter field Golf, Norwich
This is a subject that gets brought up daily at Peter Field Golf as customers come looking for the secret to unlocking another 20 yards or finding more fairways.
We are fortunate enough to hold all the major manufacturers in stock and even more in our fitting room and using them daily to find a combination for who is stood in front of us.
Heres the way to find your game changing, perfect driver in 2021.

Have a club fitting – Non negotiable.

This sounds so simple and some people who haven’t experienced a club fitting might be sceptical. I’ve played golf for 15 years and experienced both purchasing (multiple) drivers from the shop floor and having club fittings. There is not a chance I would purchase again without first trying multiple clubs and having them tracked on a launch monitor of Trackman’s quality. When speaking to anyone in store I feel I’m doing them an injustice by letting them purchase from the shop floor without first having a custom fitting.
It’s impossible to know how fast you swing, the ball speed, launch, spin rate, accurate distance you carry the ball, the height it flies or the land angle. All of these are hugely important to know from any of your golf clubs to find maximum performance and can not be seen from the naked eye.
So moving on to the next step…

Know what you do with your current driver.

Be realistic with how you perform with your own. If you are going down the club fitting route measure your drives in the lead up to your booking and have answers ready for these questions…
  • How Far do you actually hit it. (Be honest)
  • Do you miss left or right more often?
  • What kind of height do you hit it currently, would you like it to be higher, lower?
  • Do you hit it with curve and what way?
All of these answers will really help your club fitter to find an improvement.

Be open minded.

Don’t get me wrong its good to have some knowledge on clubs that interest you but don’t pigeon hole yourself in one driver as you could be missing out on performance. Let’s be honest we would all love to drive it like Rory Mcilroy and if it was as easy as picking the same driver as he uses wed all be on tour. Unfortunately these guys that advertise the latest drivers are freak athletes that are producing golf swings that are pretty hard to replicate.
So look at the market for a driver that improves the area you need help. Each manufacturer is offering 3-4 models to target your game. These are..
Game Improver – The most forgiving. Highest MOI (Moment of inertia – Its resistance to twisting on off centre hits), High Launching.
Draw model – The mix of forgiveness and draw bias, to help the golfer that continually loses his drives out to the right (Right Handed) this won’t fix your slice but may just make it playable. Not the most ideal for those that are working on swing changes or want to hit a draw through technique.
Speed/Distance finder – This is the mix of high MOI, and super high ball speeds. If you’re on the lookout for a driver to make you the local Bryson Dechambeau.
Lower Spinning – The lower spinning model is for those that are capable of hitting it hard but impart too much spin on the ball. With a driver, spin is the enemy if your are quick and can launch it high. Think if you hit it high and spin it a lot then leave the face open or closed… that ball is going to curve A LOT. These models are the least forgiving, but get it right and they’re going to have you hitting bombs.

Review of the best I have seen from each category.

This is very loose, and not to be taken as gospel as its different drivers for different people but from experience so far this year this is what I would say has been the most popular for each category.

Game Improver

Mizuno ST-Z | Peter Field Golf, Norwich

Mizuno ST-Z
This has totally gone under the radar for lots of people that walk in. Most people have heard of the Ping G425 maybe the Taylormade Sim2 models. This mizuno driver is a weapon. It’s forgiving, super adjustable, the choices of shaft without costing an upcharge are incredible and unmatched on the market. It comes in a 9* and 10.5* loft options and shafts range from ladies, seniors, mens reg to X Flex. Worth a try.
Other notable options
  • Taylormade Sim2 Max
  • Callaway Epic Max
  • Cleveland HB Turbo

Draw Model

Ping G425 SFT | Peter Field Golf, Norwich

Ping G425 SFT
This thing can work miracles for the golfer that leaves the driver hanging out to the right. With a weight set more towards the heel, it helps the club face close in to impact. Match it with the right shaft and you could be on to a winner. The Distansa shaft has been incredibly popular, at just 40g its super light and really allows the golfer to feel the weight of the head. A bit like a hammer.
Other notable options
  • Cleveland HB Turbo Draw Model
  • Taylormade SIM2 Draw

Speed/ Distance Finder

TSi2 titleist | Peter Field Golf, Norwich

Titleist TSi2
Lets be honest, not the cheapest but this thing performs. be honest about your budget when looking at driver as if this is in your range its going to perform. huge selection of top quality shafts, 16 settings available to add/decrease loft, open/close the face. Might be expensive but you won’t be changing it any time soon! The ball speed this gives off will definitely give you the opportunity to find distance, match it with a shaft to give you control and you’ll be past your playing partners!
Other Notable options
  • Callaway Epic Speed
  • Mizuno ST-Z
  • Taylormade SIm2

Lower Spinning

Callaway epic speed driver | Peter Field Golf, Norwich
Callaway Epic Speed LS (Low Spin)
Phil Mickelson hits BOMBS and this is what he uses. If you’re handy with your driver, find the middle, control your flight well but could do with lowering your flight, dropping some spin then this driver will most definitely be an option. Be mindful its not going to be the most tolerant compared to the above drivers but if you’re looking at a Low Spin model driver you shouldn’t need much help.
Other Notable options
  • Titleist TSi3
  • Ping G425 LST

To book a driver custom fitting click here, or call 01603 740979

Rob Wilkinson
PGA Professional