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Second Hand selection

Second hand golf clubs | Peter Field Golf Shop, Norwich
Here at Peter Field Golf we hold a large selection of Second Hand and ex demonstration golf equipment.
We are heavily invested in helping golfers improve their golf game with the right equipment, with the best results found through our custom fitting process.
You can read more about it here
This doesn’t mean that you have to buy brand new to get correctly fitted equipment. All of the iron sets and wedges that we trade in/ sell from our ex demo kit is checked through the most accurate Loft & Lie machine available whilst keeping the quality high, we chose not to trade in anything that is below a 6 out of 10 in condition. (Our Loft and lie machine Is so good that the top players in world golf, trust it to check their equipment).
If you are looking for an upgrade to your equipment then not being priced out of fitted clubs is huge as there is without a doubt enormous benefits to having your clubs fitted. Say for instance you are looking for a ‘new’ set of irons but are happy to look at the second hand range we can still adjust the Length, Lie Angle, Grip size all whilst keeping an eye on shaft flex and weight to suit you, skipping this can be detrimental to your enjoyment of the game. Read our why fitting is important in more depth here…

Price points

This has been an important area that our team discuss at the start of every season to make sure that we can cater for everyone, so our entry level equipment starts with second hand as we believe this is better quality and route to go down than looking at starter sets, drivers and woods. You might be able to pick up a starter set relatively cheap but this is because the quality of components is low, although this can be a good way to find out if you enjoy the game its a very quick stepping stone as you will quickly realise your performance is hindered by the build quality.

What we offer

Our range of Second hand and ex Demo includes Drivers, Fairway Woods, Rescues, Irons, Wedges and putters. Left hand, Kids, Ladies, Seniors and Mens. if you are interested in finding out what we have to offer or book a custom fitting you can call our team on 01603 740979 and we will be happy to answer questions and offer advice.