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Trolley or Carry? – Advantages and Disadvantages

Hopefully, if you’re going to play golf this weekend and the weather holds up for you, probably you will be using an electric trolley or you might be carrying your bag. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to why carrying your golf bag or using a trolley is beneficial for you.

Electric/Push Trolleys

Using an electric trolley there are lots of benefits that will help us on the course. When we are playing a really important competition more than likely you will use one, this is because we can fill our golf bags with all the refreshments and extra equipment we may need to help us along with our round. Using an electric trolley can help us with our well-being as it will take the strain off your shoulders, making you feel relaxed.

But most importantly it can reduce the risk of injury which will allow us to keep on playing golf week in week out. For some people there trolleys are the reason they can get out playing golf weekly. So for someone who relies on an electric trolley it has massive importance on their life, as it allows them to play the game they love regularly. This last advantage is immense… and it is using an umbrella holder! It allows you to stand under your umbrella keeping you dry and your clubs, and you don’t even have to hold it. If you do not have an umbrella holder connected to your trolley, I highly recommend getting one as it will make your life easier. Lastly, I would say there is only one disadvantage and it only comes around and this time of year. During that round, you will have to follow a path all around the greens and tees, and at the end of your round, your trolley is absolutely filthy.




For some people who like to just quickly play 9 holes or to get some last-minute practice in, carrying your bag around the course is very easy and simple. One thing that I like about carrying is that you can pop your golf bag on the tee and around the greens. This I find really important because I want my ‘tool kit’ close to me at all times, therefore if I have a last-second decision change, my golf bag is right next to me. Maybe I’m just lazy but I find that it is really important to have your equipment right next to you even when you’re on the tee or the green.


When carrying a golf bag there are lots of disadvantages. One of the main problems with carrying a bag is that it puts

lots of stress on your upper body, especially as you are carrying it around the course for up to 4 to 5 hours. Carrying a

bag in the rain is very frustrating as everything tends to get soaked. Lastly carrying does not allow you to fill your bag with all the equipment and refreshments you may need, as you don’t want your bag to weigh a tonne.


Hopefully, you have found this blog useful and it has helped your understanding of the pros and cons of why using a trolley and carrying a golf bag could benefit you on the course. If you would like to pop in the shop and share some of your ideas with the team, we would be happy to listen.


Sonny Williams

PGA Assistant Professional