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Why Does a High Handicapper Need a Club Fitting?

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“Oh but I’m not good enough to have a custom fitting”

This is one of the most common things that we hear in our line of work, so if you’re a higher handicap golfer why spend the time and money on getting custom fitted if you don’t have a swing like Tiger Woods? Well, the simple answer is that you probably need all the help you can get.

If your swing isn’t perfect, which would pretty much be anyone who’s name isn’t Rory McIlroy, then we have to find other ways to level the playing field. The best route to improved scores is obviously spend thousands of hours practising and hitting balls, grinding on the short game but if we play golf for leisure and presumably have other commitments that’s a fairly unattainable goal. So why not use golf’s form of doping that’s totally legal? Modern golf clubs have developed into so many variables to suit every single type of golfer that there is truly a golf club for everyone out there.

The reason you hit bad shots will be consistent even if the outcome doesn’t look at and with tools like Trackman we can ascertain why your bad shots affect the ball on the course, whether it’s spin or club face control there are adjustments that can be made in every way. While we always get told that “I’m not very consistent”, your club path will likely be quite similar every shot and your rough profile of what a ball flight looks like will be quite simple to define. All of this information means that we can figure out your profile as a golfer and use the club to manipulate the numbers in your favour. Whether that means giving you a club that spins less to reduce the negative effects of your slice, or improving you ball speed on off centre strikes, the modern golf club has so many variations we can turn those inconsistencies into tangible numbers and therefore find simple solutions.

This doesn’t mean every shot will be perfect once you have your clubs fitted, as for example hitting 3 inches behind the ball won’t be too pretty with any club, but it means that you will absolutely get away with more mishits. All of this is just aimed at making golf easier, if you get away with one or two more shots a round that is the easiest way to drop a couple off your index.

So to conclude, you need to play with golf clubs in some form, why not use ones that help?

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