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What creates Spin?

Ever asked the question- “How does the Pro’s create that much spin with their wedges?”… I know I have!

It‘s a common misconception that the grooves are what creates the spin on the golf ball. However, the actual job of the grooves is to remove debris between the golf ball and the club. Friction is the main cause of spin which is how clean the contact between club and ball is.

If you imagine Formula One tyres, when the weather is dry, they use slicks which have no grooves as there is no residue they need to get through they can have full tyre on road contact and maximum friction. However, if you look at the tyres they use when it is wet, they have lots of deep grooves as they need to get through the wet to grip and stop them slipping.

Can you guess which colour is used in the wet based on the above?

Grooves on a wedge do the same job as the wet tyres of getting through debris so that the contact can be as clean as possible. Therefore,  if you have wedges where the grooves are worn, then they won’t help move the grass and residue and therefore result in minimal spin.

Equipment also includes the type of golf ball you use… if you are using something really soft it can spin less and launch a little higher than a harder ball which will spin more and launch less to help create that desired back spin to get your wedge shots close to the hole each time. Each golf ball also has a different outer layer (cover) which will spin and react differently on the greens.


As well as equipment, technique is also important in generating the desired strike. Rory, Tiger, Francesco all have different wedge techniques, but they can all generate a good amount of spin.

If you are interested and wanting to create that tour spin, then considering if your equipment is correct and perfecting technique is vital. So, why not have a wedge fitting on Trackman 4 or have a wedge lesson with one of our Wedge Matrix Accredited coaches!


Assistant PGA Professional