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New Release: Ping 2023 Putters

Ping 2023 putters

In a landscape dominated by Scotty Cameron, Odyssey and to a degree, Taylormade, Ping can often be overlooked when it comes to putters. But with their latest release there’s every reason to discuss them in the same breath.

The 2023 line is probably the most versatile line of putters on the market right now with a variation of head styles, face designs and necks that could likely suit a large percentage of golfers. Here are the main talking points from the new release

Face Design:

This is the first thing that jumped out at me when I first saw these clubs. With a variety of milling and insert design there’s a face to appeal to every feel preference. Going from the firmest feeling smooth milled face, to the slightly softer shallow milling, to the PEBAX insert that is the softest I can’t say there’s any manufacturer providing the same variation of feels just in one line of putters. A really cool design is on the ‘Ton Finau inspired’ Anser 2D. With a small insert surrounded by shallow milling to feel soft out of the centre but give you feedback if you don’t hit the middle.

Head Design:

Likely the first thing that you look at with any putter is the head and again the theme of variety is continued. With the classic looking Anser blade a staple of Ping’s putter lines to the gigantic looking Tomcat (which is maybe the most stable putter I’ve every swung), again I can find reasons to use many of these putters and there is enough to appeal to everyone.

Shaft Design:

Something that Ping has often experimented with is different shafts, and again they’ve brought this into the new line. With the Anser models and the mid mallet Shea boasting a graphite shaft to move the balance point of the club it offers a different feels from your traditional steel shaft.

Personal Favourites:

I can’t say I immediately fell in love with the visual but as I alluded to earlier. After swinging the Tomcat I have fallen in love with it a little as a surprise contender for the favourite position. With a heavy sole plate on the bottom of the club, CG is pulled low and deep in the head providing an unreal level of stability. In terms of the eye test though the DS72 head has always had my heart. Also an offering in the fully milled PLD range, this Viktor Hovland inspired head is a small mallet that offers a little more weight and something to look at than a blade without being to flashy. The platinum topline also offers a clean visual in contrast to the black colouring which focuses the eye well I have found.


So when you next re evaluate your flat stick, do consider Ping as an option. They probably have something for you!

Jim Mitchell

Custom Fitting Specialist