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Junior Custom Fitting: Is it Worth it?

Junior Custom Fitting | Peter Field Golf Shop, Norwich

So your son or daughter is getting into golf, great! Starting early is the best way to put your
child on the path to being a great golfer, but common early concerns are centred around
equipment. What clubs suit them? Will they outgrow their clubs? Is it worth committing to a
full set? Now obviously everyone’s game and situation will be different in different ways so
there’s no one answer to each of those questions, but at Peter Field Golf we’re often
pitched these questions and it’s an exciting one to answer as you can see real positive
differences when you put the right clubs in your kids’ hands.

There are a number of differing levels when you’re looking at fitting clubs for juniors. One
we very commonly do is using our Mkids sets, these are reasonably priced clubs with several
differing length options, really useful for when your child is growing quickly and needs
something that can be easily upgraded. To do this we’ve got a measuring chart to indicate
what length clubs are needed. This is the slightly more rudimentary option but useful for
quick and easy confirmation that the clubs are the right length.

Mkids junior size chart | Peter Field Golf Shop, Norwich

In the same way that adults benefit from having their clubs fitted, it’s exactly the same for
juniors who need something more tailored from their clubs. When you step into the fitting
bay the number of options becomes apparent. For smaller juniors options such as our Ping
ProdiG fitting set offers a better quality club and use of our launch monitors along with the
expertise of our fitters mean that we can look at the benefits of a shorter adults club. When
your child is a bit taller and starts putting more speed into their swing, the benefits of
having what is essentially a full fitting then start to come through, with flex of shaft and
clubhead becoming something that will require more thought along with length.


Ladies shafts are often a helpful stepping point into full length clubs for juniors. With shorter
length and more flex, they’re perfect for juniors who are starting to grow and put more
speed into their swing, but not fully grown to the point that they’ll need full length shafts.
These also start to give us the plethora of head options that you get in full size clubs to suit
their swing and really optimise their ball flight. This is where you see the difference between
just chopping down your own set and actually fitting the clubs to their swing.

So for all levels of juniors, we’ve got you set. If you’re curious about what your junior needs
come down and we’ll be happy to guide you down the right route for your child’s golfing
needs. So, in conclusion: yes, it’s worth it!

Junior Custom Fitting | Peter Field Golf Shop, Norwich

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Jim Mitchell
Custom Fitter