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Golf Lessons – Helping you chose the best route to improve

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If you haven’t noticed when in store or booking a golf lesson online we offer a number of different services. I thought it would be a good idea to run you through them so you can decide what is best suited to yourself and how you might go about improving fastest.

We have 5 different golf coaches with different backgrounds and different ways of coaching. These Are Peter Field, Robert Wilkinson, Lewis Clarke, Jasmine Campbell and Sonny Williams. You can check out there profiles here…

Choosing the right golf coach is just as important as picking the right golf lesson or package/ programme. We are always more than happy to talk to you instore and recommend who we think would suit your needs most.

On to what we offer!!…

Standard 30 Minute Golf Lesson – £27

This is a great introductory golf lesson. We can get to know you and get to work on a specific area of your game, whether you are just starting and want to learn the basics or you are struggling with your bunker shots and want some help getting out of the sand. These are short and sweet, we will be able to get some points across and direct you in the area you need to work with practice drills. All our coaches offer video feedback in these sessions for you to see what you are doing currently and allows us to explain how we would like you to change. If this is the way you see yourself improving we offer a package of these, 6 lessons for the price of 5 at £135.

Standard 60 Minute Golf Lesson – £50

The 60 minute lesson is an alternative option to the 30 minute which allows us to offer more depth to the session and to ensure we are not only improving but you have our guidance whilst practicing the change/ technique. With more time we are able to explore other clubs and shots we would like to improve. All our coaches offer video feedback in these sessions too. This is a great choice if you’re just starting or have an area of your game you would like to improve. The extra time will allow us to explain in more detail.

Golf Lesson with Technology – £60

This is our premium and most popular service. A 60 minute session that includes a video screencast debrief after the session that we email over. 

We have labelled this technology as we have a variance of ‘tech’ that we offer. The room we exclusively use for tech lessons is equipped with 2x high speed slow motion cameras that record every golf swing made. This is helpful to show what you are currently doing and allows us to explain and show where you could improve. Visual learning is known to help speed up the learning process. A balance and pressure plate is also used in every session to show where your weight/ pressure is and how you are using the ground to create force. This is an absolute must know whether you are just beginning or are at the top of the game. 

GC Quad launch monitor is used to explain and show how you are delivering the club at impact as well as what happens to the ball once its in flight. This is brilliant for you to understand how curvature is created in shots as well as what you are doing different between your good shot and your bad ones. 

Last but not least we offer K-motion 3D. This is a biofeedback system, in short this is the most advanced way of learning. The golfer is fitted with a vest, pelvic belt, arm and wrist strap which allows us to demonstrate the correct position at each part of the golf swing as well as highlight the sequence in which you move.

This is for the golfer who is really keen to improve, leaves no stone unturned or wants to understand more about how to improve. 

Heres some further info if you would like to know more about the Technology we use in golf lessons. Just click the links below…

Trackman 4 
K- Motion 3D
GC Quad
Swing Catalyst

On course playing analysis (2 hours) – £100


This is a great option for the golfer that would like to understand navigating the golf course and achieving better scores.  There is noting more revealing than what you do on the golf course, first tee nerves, choices of club from different lies and conditions, your short game capabilities and putting. An on course playing analysis can be as a one off or the start of a golf package to ascertain what area of your golf need attention to improve. If you chose to have a block of hour lessons normally one of these is spent on the course.

Packages of golf lessons

Having a structure of golf lessons is without doubt the best way to improve. Having regular sessions whether that is weekly, bi-weekly or monthly allows you to continually learn. Remember there are a lot of areas of golf and many skills to acquire to reach a good level of capable golf. A package really allows us time to improve a weakness, cover full swing through too short game and putting. 

Having contact with your coach allows you to ask questions, understand more about the golf swing in general and stops you from practicing/ creating poor swing mechanics. All of the golf lessons above can be purchased in a package to effectively lower the cost.

6x 30 Minute golf Lessons are £135
6x 60 Minute Golf Lessons are £250
6x Technology Golf Lessons are £300

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Screening – £60

Our resident performance coach Lewis Clarke is TPI Qualified. This allows us to go through full screening to determine if you have any limitations that our coach should be aware of before helping you improve your technique. This will highlight any restrictions, physical limitations or how we can accommodate previous injury whether from golf or other circumstance. This is perfect for those that would really like to understand their capabilities and plan a strategy to improve.


If you would like to learn more, speak to a coach or would like advice on how to improve feel free to give our team a call on 01603740979. Alternatively if you would like to book one of the above lessons you can do so by clicking here and book online.


Robert Wilkinson

PGA Professional