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Custom Fitting: About Our Facility

Jim Golf Custom Fitting

As custom fitting facilities have become more widespread and the availability has improved to the average golfer, a variety of styles of facility have popped up. In this blog, I’m going to walk you through the custom fitting facility here at Peter Field Golf Shop and explain why we believe it is the best way to get you equipment that works.

The Great Outdoors:

One of the major distinctions from one custom fitting centre to another is often whether you’ll be hitting balls outside or in a simulator indoors. Obviously both options have their own merits and drawbacks, but we strongly believe that seeing the actual ball flight on a proper driving range is crucial to the process. A fitting environment will always be dry and different to the on-course conditions that your clubs will be put to the test on but being outdoors and hitting into a range brings your swing closer to it’s on course form. Often from personal experience, it takes time to get used to swinging indoors and it can feel claustrophobic and affect how confidently you swing. This obviously isn’t ideal if you only have an hour or two to work with! One of the major bonuses of an indoor simulator is the ability to use a proper ball which provides accurate feel feedback and data on the launch monitor. Unfortunately, we can’t go hitting Pro V1s into the range, so we use range balls! However due to the launch monitor’s ability to convert the numbers to what a normal golf ball will due, this is somewhere we sacrifice the feel of a real golf ball for the ability to see the ball flight without losing accurate data.

Custom Fitting | Peter Field Golf, Norwich

Launch Monitors:

Doing a fitting without a launch monitor is impossible and would likely be pointless nowadays. The ability to get accurate data in an instant is a massive help when finding your best option. When fittings didn’t feature a launch monitor the more significant portion of your time would be spent measuring you for length and lie angle, something which is now doable in moments. This allows us to spend more time on more pertinent topics like ball flight and shaft optimisation to gain you as much performance as we can. We use Trackman in the fitting bay, this is a state-of-the-art launch monitor which, along with GC Quad (of which we have 2 for our teaching bays) is a market leader due to its accuracy and depth of information that it provides.

Jim Mitchell - Custom Fitting Specialist | Peter Field Golf Shop, Norwich

Brand Options:

As a club fitter myself, one of the biggest bonuses of working where I do is that I’m not tied to one brand. The wealth of options that are available in the fitting bay guarantees that we can find a club that will work perfectly for anyone, as even though most manufacturers will provide similar options to their competitors, from experience two clubs targeted at the same golfer will often perform very differently. This means multiple brand options are vital!


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