PGA Pro Golf Lessons

With 5 coaching staff and their accumulative knowledge there is no better place to learn and improve your golf than here with Peter Field Golf at Norwich Family Golf centre. With an ongoing training structure and investment in technology unmatched in the south east there is no doubt of improvement in your game with our coaching team.
All golf balls and equipment are provided during all golf lessons.

Golf Specialists | Peter Field Golf | Norfolk
Golf Specialists | Peter Field Golf | Norfolk
Golf Specialists | Peter Field Golf | Norfolk
K-Motion | Golf Specialists | Peter Field Golf | Norfolk
  • 30 Minutes
  • 1 Golf Lesson
  • £27
  • PGA Professional
  • Focussed on your preferred area
  • Video analysis included
  • 60 Minutes
  • 1 Golf Lesson
  • £50
  • PGA Professional
  • Focussed on your preferred area
  • Video analysis included
  • Tech Golf Lesson
  • 60 Minutes
  • £60
  • PGA Professional / Biomechanics Specialist
  • SwingCatalyst, KMotion, GCQuad
  • Video & Data report Included
  • Putting Analysis
  • 45 Minutes
  • £50
  • Indoor/Outdoor Facility
  • GCQuad/Trackman 4 Data Report
  • Inc Loft, Lie & length check
  • 30 Minutes
  • 6 x 30 min lessons
  • £150
  • Great Intro/refresher course
  • Introduction to Technology
  • Includes FOC equipment
  • 60 Minutes
  • 6 x 60 min lessons
  • £250
  • Structured programme for all areas
  • On course analysis available
  • Video Analysis included
  • Tech Lesson
  • 6 x 60 Minutes
  • £330
  • Understand 3D
  • Maximise your Pressure & Force
  • Optimise Club/ball performance on GCQuad
  • Putting Saver
  • Sub 30 putt rounds
  • £180
  • 3 x 45 Minutes Tech lessons
  • Full Putter fitting experience
  • FOC Practice aids included (value £50)
  • On-Course Analysis
  • 1-2 people + coach for 2 hours
  • £100
  • PGA Professional
  • Creative Course Management
  • Enhance Scoring Potential
  • Dr Golf
  • If you need some help with your game we can offer you a quick fix today!
  • 12-2pm
  • 30 mins £27
  • 45 mins £45
  • 60 mins tech £60

Technology We Use

Worlds Leading Launch Monitor

A Launch Monitor using dual radars to analyse your swing

3D Swing Vest Analysis System

A Training vest that provides feedback on your swing

Swing Catalyst Pressure Mat

A Pressure Plate that monitors your balance and more

GC Quad Launch Monitor

A launch monitor that uses 4 cameras to analyse your swing

How Can We Help You Play Better



With a diverse coaching team  that includes male, female, left and right hand staff, your experience will be fulfilling whilst learning with us.


With significant investment and unrivalled facilities  there is a hunger to develop knowledge here within the team.  Progression and learning are a given during your time with us.


With continuous access to the team and our resources, we will help track your progress with tangible markers to refer.
Golf Specialists | Peter Field Golf | Norfolk

Junior Golf

Peter Field Golf is dedicated to growing the game of golf and we encourage juniors from the age of five onwards starting with weekend classes.
Find out more here.

Ladies Golf

Golf is a well loved sport by all, which is why we offer golf lessons for females too!
Our PGA Professional Jas offers ladies golf lessons.
Find out more here.

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Customer Reviews

  • Adam Hardingham6/15/2022

    Great Golf shop and facilities, great friendly staff. Had some club fittings a few years ago now which i still use to this day, they made a huge difference. But my golf took a downturn and after having had a good 2/3 months of... read more

    Paul Grisbrook5/24/2022

    Great lesson and fitting with Lewis. Very thorough as always and started holing putt as soon as I got on the course, thank you very much

    John Barr5/22/2022

    Yet another fantastic lesson with great advice with what I need to do to make it better.

    Paul Andrews5/21/2022

    Great service and knowledgeable staff. Gave sensible tips to improve game. Very helpful also when I needed to amend the booking. All round a great service.

  • Jason Kong5/19/2022

    Friendly and professional service. Great understanding and knowledge applied to individual needs and performance. Recommended!

    Alex Baxter5/19/2022

    Great iron fitting session. In depth knowledge and explanation of the choice of make, head types and shaft option. Right down to fitting for the grip that suits best.April 2022:Follow up session to check irons and on TrackMan the carry and total distances are reviewed and emailed to you. 👍👍Very... read more

    David Edwards5/18/2022

    My lesson with Rob was informative as always, he gave me tips on how to improve my distance with the driver and irons as well as how to get a better strike with my wedges.

    James Thurston5/16/2022

    Really happy with my lesson it was my first one and I was made to feel very welcome . I would definitely recommend it

  • Steve Rayner5/09/2022

    Great service with sorting me out with new clubs as started playing again after many years away from the game

    James Gilligan5/09/2022

    Great service and tech in bays!

    Skye van Heyzen5/02/2022

    Amazing coaching session with a Peter. Got me moving and swinging more accurately and with less effort. Also got me to think about my swing very differently - nice to be fresh. They are also really just great people with great advice and coaching. Facilities are excellent too.

    Edward Layton4/05/2022

    Been working with Lewis since the beginning of the year using the available Technology at Peter Field Golf Shop and it has been brilliant. Fun, getting great insights with the tech combined with Lewis’s great coaching!
    Excited to keep knocking down the handicap!
    Highly recommend!

  • kieran hester3/29/2022

    Had a putting fitting session with Rob. This was my first fitting experience and Rob did a fantastic job at explaining everything to me in terms I would understand. Additionally, the technology used was amazing and very detailed to give you a great insight into how you put and provided... read more

    Barry Storey2/01/2022

    Most impressed with the selection of products on display. Didn't real have enough time for good look round.
    Custom fit was impressive and well explained by Jim and followed up with link to obtain the data.

    Chris Welsh1/30/2022

    Excellent fitting session with Rob earlier this week. Very professional advice, uncomplicated, impartial, and friendly. Highly recommended.

    Alex Baxter1/28/2022

    Great iron fitting session. In depth knowledge and explanation of the choice of make, head types and shaft option. Right down to fitting for the grip that suits best.

  • Leigh Manning1/24/2022

    I have only had a couple of lessons but Lewis has really helped my swing! Knocked 10 strokes off my normal round. Brilliant

    T P Hanley1/24/2022

    Very helpful and informative lesson.

    John Nolan1/24/2022

    Great golfing tuition!

    Richard Cousins1/17/2022

    I had a putter fitting, very in depth analysis which Jim translated to make it easy to understand. State of the art equipment backed with a wealth of options. Highly recommend.

  • Bob T1/17/2022

    Great facilities. Great shop. Great teachers.

    Gareth Davies1/10/2022

    Good lesson from Sonny. Excellent manner, put a few key things right. Was informative, personable and delivered well. Highly recommended.

    Deborah Cox1/10/2022

    I recently had my first Tech lesson with Jasmine . Very relaxed and informative at the same time, saw exactly where I could make changes to help my game and Jasmine is great at explaining the mechanics . Would highly recommend .

    Stuart Vincent1/10/2022

    My favourite golfing shop service is brilliant

  • Baz fox1/03/2022

    Had a driver fitting with Jim today as I had been struggling with a slice with my current driver. Jim quickly identified I had the wrong shaft in this club to suit my club head speed. We tried lots of driver/shaft combo's and he explained the data that trackman was... read more

    Ernest Flint12/31/2021

    Rob, thank you for your time today, I more than achieved my expectations on the range!Don't forget to call in at swanton morley butchers for some proper sausages !Ernie

    David McGee12/31/2021

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Just had 4th golf lesson with Jas and I can’t recommend lessons highly enough! The pace of the lessons and technical explanations are perfectly suited to me and I’m so pleased that at least 9/10 shots are hit straight now! 😁Also highly recommend the classic breakfast too… 😋

    David Edwards12/31/2021

    I had a Lesson with Rob and he explained things about my grip that no one else had ever mentioned. I can say it was one of the best lessons I have had and I came away very satified.

  • andy.atkins12/31/2021

    Lewis has fantastic knowledge and great communication. He can simplify the complex and give you clear guidance and drills to help you improve. Cannot recomend highly enough.

    Jeremy Linden-Ball12/31/2021

    Excellent service and advice from James regarding a driver.


    Great set up. After researching various centres made the 2 hour drive to Norwich for an irons fitting. The combination of Trackman 4 plus the visual of hitting balls on to the range gave me great feedback. My fitter was Sonny. He was knowledgeable and clubs now on order. Highly recommend

    Susan Sykes12/31/2021

    I cannot recommend Lewis enough he has transformed my swing and fitted me for my irons and driver of which I am extremely happy. Such a professional but his experience in Biomechanics is outstanding.I will definitely carry on having lessons with him.

  • Chaz Sizeland12/31/2021

    Went to a Callaway fitting event with Jim yesterday as part of the Black Friday promotion. Jim was extremely knowledgeable and able to explain the data produced back to me simply and easily for me to understand. A really good experience that I'd recommend to anyone. Cheers!

    Ged Morris12/31/2021

    Best golf lesson in my life with Rob on the "tech equipment" yesterday. Fixed a lifelong "out to in" swing in less than an hour. Something that has escaped a number of previous pros. Will be back for more!

    Steve Zsibrita11/30/2021

    Very helpful staff

    ANDREW HOYES11/30/2021

    I'd previously undertaken a "lesson with technology" using a pressure plate, and I was provided a drill to accompany my weight transfer, and I knocked 3 shots off my handicap in 5 months. My progress had stalled a little and I took advantage of the tech-taster lesson to re-direct my... read more

  • Steve Dodd11/30/2021

    Had an introductory Tech Lesson with Sonny. Talked through what I wanted/thought I needed to do. Thought I needed to use the ground more which the tech shows I didn’t (as much) and thought my lead wrist was flat which it wasn’t! Great knowledge and simple explanation with the use... read more