winter programme | Peter Field Golf Shop, Norwich

Winter Golf Programme

For several seasons now, we have embarked on a specific golf winter programme to help golfers in the off-peak season.

This has always proved to be a great time to work on changes that may help you attain consistency, power or improved short game skills. All and some of these will ordinarily help reduce scoring, improve consistency and in summary, make your golf more fun and pleasurable.

Biomechanics Analysis | Peter Field Golf Shop, Norwich

What’s included:

• A full biomechanics analysis to help golfers understand where the fundamental target areas are that require support.

• Once complete you will work with your coach to start making changes in your movement patterns and measure this with the support of GC Quad and Trackman 4.

• Your coach will structure drills and training methods that will allow you to change your movement patterns and in turn reshape your golf swing. This will ensure the cause of your bad shots, areas requiring improvement can be addressed.

• You will then return to further work in our tech coaching facility and with the use of swing catalyst, k motion, and GC Quad we will track and monitor your improvement. Once we return to spring and better weather, we summarise your progress with coaching time spent on the Golf course.

• We will look at course management and pre/post shot drills to ensure unforced errors are reduced.

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  • Winter Top Up Lessons
  • Improve your golf this winter
  • £200
  • 4 x 60 Min Tech Lessons
  • Includes Biomechanics Session
  • Winter Practice Plan
  • 3 Hrs
  • £160
  • 3 x 1 Hour Lessons
  • Includes Tech
  • Winter Programme
  • £POA
  • Bespoke package
  • Tailored to you