Mizuno Pro 221 Golf Irons – Custom Fit


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Dothe Mizuno Pro 221 Golf Irons (Custom Fit)
Ultimate Muscleback With Compact Forging

The Mizuno Pro 211 Irons are inspired by the iconic blades of Mizuno past – evolved to be more playable through incremental refinements in shape and weight placement.

Bevelled for the appearance of a shorter face profile and narrower top line – without loss of mass in the upper blade. With dramatically more compact scoring irons than its predecessors. Grain Flow Forged in Hiroshima, Japan, with a soft copper underlay for a uniquely satisfying Mizuno sensation at impact.

One-piece Grain Flow Forged HD from 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel at Mizuno’s iconic facility in Hiroshima, Japan – where the Mizuno Pro 221 Irons have been produced since 1968. A microlayer of copper beneath Nickel Chrome – for the purest, softest feel made famous in the legendary TN87. Reintroduced in 2019.

Mass relocated from the heel area to muscle pad produces a slightly muted sound preferred in our ‘blind’ tour tests. Shrewdly bevelled to deliver the appearance of a thinner top edge and shorter head length – without loss of playability.

Mizuno’s shortest CG / shaft axis is consistent from 3-PW, allowing controlled fades and draw feels right through the set. Following feedback from the tour, the 8-PW irons are dramatically reduced in size, resulting in a heavily taped upper blade to control trajectory.

Fitted as standard with premium components, The Mizuno Pro 221 Irons come with the Project X LS shaft and Z-Cord Align grips.


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Select Hand

Left Hand, Right Hand

Set Make Up


Shaft Options

Project X LS 6.0

Select Flex

Extra Stiff, Stiff

Select Length

+0.25", -0.5", -1", Standard

Lie Angle

Standard, +1 Degree Upright, +2 Degree Upright, -1 Degree Flat, -2 Degree Flat

Select Grip

Tour Velvet Standard Round, Tour Velvet Undersize Round, Tour Velvet Jumbo Round

Grip Thickness

Standard, + 1 Layer of Tape, + 2 Layers of Tape, + 3 Layers of Tape