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Flat Cat Original Putter Grip


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Flat Cat Original Putter Grip

The Flat Cat Original Putter Grip is available in 5 sizes and is built for outstanding performance during humid and wet conditions


– Made from lightweight polyurethane compound for a light and comfortable feel
– Comfortable and lighter-traction surface pattern provides the ideal putter grip texture density
– Game-changing putter grip that puts the ‘square’ in the palm of your hands
– Ensuring your putter face is square to your intended target line is key to making putts
– Enables every golfer to square their hands, shoulders & putter face to the intended target line

Weights:  Slim (45g),  Svelte (51g),  Standard (68g),  Fat (85g),  Big Boy (104g


Flat Cat

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Big Boy, Fat, Slim, Standard, Svelte


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