Cleveland Frontline Cero Single Bend Putter

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Cero is part of the new Frontline Collection from Cleveland Golf which aims to re invent the new modern idea about CG and move the weight to the front which will help you hit straighter putts.This is achieved by the new tungsten weighting which sits on both sides of the putter and allows you to get the best distance control and consistency, even from off centre hits. This makes sure you can still sink puts even when you might not strike it as well as you wanted to. The Cero is a mallet style putter which is balanced and weighted well, so you have confidence that each stroke can be as consistent as possible. The Face insert is made from aluminium, a material often used in putters due to its soft feel and dampening properties to make sure all your putts feel soft, yet solid.

The Face utilises Speed Optimised Face Technology. This is done with the grooved insert which helps to get the same ball speed from anywhere on the face. Usually, hitting anywhere but the middle of the face will reduce the distance of the putt, which is what Cleveland have tried to combat with their new innovation. The Single Bend Hosel is made for people who have a straight back and forth stroke to give them the ideal balance to match their swing path. The new Frontline Grip is very eye catching by design and provides a tacky and textured feel that is both comfortable and game improving.

  • Mallet Head
  • Built for Straight Paths
  • Weighted Front
  • Excellent Distance Control



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