Junior PAR Academy

For juniors starting to show a growing enthusiasm for golf, we invite them to our PAR Junior Academy. This age and skill designed programme is built to take juniors to the next level of golf performance. We dive into more detail on all aspects of golf performance, from driving to putting.

We also start to introduce juniors to the golf course with a 9 hole course based at our fantastic facility. From the rules of the game, course management and general etiquette, we will teach our promising juniors everything they need to start enjoying the game on the golf course, as well as the practice facility.

Our Vision

To lead a golf academy programme to influence junior golf in Norfolk. From increasing participation to finding and nurturing Norfolk’s next best talents.

Joining our PAR academy is committing to a small knit team to improve your golf. These group classes are led by our team of coaches that are dedicated to improving the next generation of golfers. The technology at our disposal combined with our facility make there no better environment to learn. We offer a range of programmes you can attend tailored to your golfers age and skill set.

What each programme is aimed at…

PAR Academy - Get in to golf - 5 - 10 years
PAR Academy - Player development - 11-14 years
Easton College Prospects - 14 - 16
Junior Golf Camp
Junior Camp | Peter Field Golf Shop, Norwich

PAR Academy - Get in to golf
AGES 5 - 10

This is where your juniors golfing journey can start. As early as 5 years old you can get swinging a club and learning. The aim of these fun filled Saturday/ Sunday sessions is to bring on your juniors development not only in golf but life.

Juniors entering this programme will learn the basic fundamentals of the sport, encouraged to learn new skills, practice routines and complete challenges during the session. The emphasis on these sessions will be to encourage action and effort over results.

At this age and stage the practice should and will be centred around having fun.

We will always provide correctly sized equipment for each session. If/when you are ready to invest in your own we will be here to offer advice on what to purchase for your junior.

PAR Academy - Player development
AGES 11-14

If you have attended our junior get in to golf classes on the Saturday/ Sundays or are looking for the next step in taking your golf more seriously or to another level this is the next step. Our player development classes are aimed at 11-14 year olds. This is for the young golfers, male and female that  want to become successful on the course and possibly enter competitive golf in future.

  • At this age juniors are/ should be selecting their sporting activities to two main ones. Usually in different seasons golf/football.
  • kids around this age are generally adapting to rapid growth periods that affect performance though coordination.
  • competition should be enjoyed as an experience rather than results focussed.
PAR Academy - Player development - 11-14 years
Easton College Prospects - 14 - 16

PAR Academy - Easton College Prospects
AGES 14 - 16

This is the group before your junior is making choices on 6th form, college or creating a career in golf. Here at Norwich Family Golf Centre we run a golf college program for when your child has left school. You can read more about this( here).

This class is for the junior that is looking to join a golf club, play competitions and get involved with the county structure if they’re showing enough promise and work ethic. The use of the latest technology available will be used to accelerate learning. The use of GCQuad and Swingcatalyst video software is available to asses each golf swing in depth.

Junior Golf Camps
AGES 6 - 14

Each school break you will find we hold Junior camps.

These are created to keep your juniors golf improving through the holidays. Aimed at a large range of ages from 6-14, the class will be split to ensure your junior is engaged and learning at a rate that is suitable.

Covering all aspects of the game it is expected each golfer will leave having learnt/ improved the following areas.

Short game


Wedge shots between 50-100 yards

Full Swing

Striking irons from grass


Creating speed

How to hit it further

How to hit it straighter


Controlling start direction

Controlling speed

Learning to read greens

Some of our junior camps are also aimed at getting your junior on the course. These sessions will be understand golf course etiquette, where to play from and how to navigate the golf course all whilst having fun and creating new friends on the way.

Junior Golf Camp

Our Tech Suite is used extensively for PAR Junior Academy

Golf Specialists | Peter Field Golf | Norfolk | Rob Wilkinson

Rob Wilkinson
PGA AA Professional
Head of PAR Academy

Golf Specialists | Peter Field Golf | Norfolk | Lewis Clarke

Lewis Clarke
Performance Coach
Course Director College

Golf Specialists | Peter Field Golf | Norfolk | Sonny Williams

Sonny Williams
PGA Assistant Professional
Head of Junior Development

For more information, including our coaching, technology, progression routes, entry requirements and costing,
contact our Course Director Lewis at LCPC@peterfieldgolf.co.uk, or via phone 01603 740979.

Technology We Use

Worlds Leading Launch Monitor

A Launch Monitor using dual radars to analyse your swing

3D Swing Vest Analysis System

A Training vest that provides feedback on your swing

Swing Catalyst Pressure Mat

A Pressure Plate that monitors your balance and more

GC Quad Launch Monitor

A launch monitor that uses 4 cameras to analyse your swing

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