Golf Biomechanics Analysis

With our advanced 3D motion system and pressure plate, this full swing and body analysis gives a complete breakdown of your movement efficiency in the golf swing, your power production capabilities and prevention of injury.

This session has been designed and is implemented by Lewis, who has recently completed his Masters in Science, specialising in biomechanics. With an extensive knowledge in anatomy and golf swing biomechanics, Lewis has helped many golfers develop from beginners to elite amateurs and professionals.

Who’s this session aimed for?

A common misconception with our technology is it’s only reserved for elite players or players who understand “numbers”.

This session is aimed at anyone who wants too:

  • Increase club head speed
  • Decrease likelihood of injury
  • Become more efficient in your movements and golf swing
  • Understand why you swing how you currently swing
Golf Lessons| Peter Field Golf, Norwich
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How long does the session last?

The recommended duration for this session is 90 Minutes. This gives sufficient time to understand and practice the prescribed movement drills with the correct visual and sensory feedback.

What are the pricing options?

Please get in touch if you would like to enquire about the cost of this as an individual session.

recommended – we also offer bespoke packages for individuals looking to target medium to long-term progress. With an initial analysis, a practice and performance plan will then be drawn up bespoke to your needs and requirements.  Please contact Lewis to enquire more about a bespoke package via email.

If you have any questions about our biomechanics service, please get in touch with Lewis via his email. (

What does a session consist of? Click through the stages below


We have a fantastic driving range facility courtesy of the Norwich Family Golf Centre, so no hitting into a net here! Once suited up with the K-Motions 3D straps and standing on the Swing Catalyst pressure plate, you will be asked to hit a defined target on the driving range. In this data collection phase, we will be measuring how you move, how you interact with the ground, how your club delivers to the ball and the overall ball flight.


We now need to understand what we are looking at – this does not mean we will bombard you with numbers! We will help you understand what we are seeing in 3D, pressure and force. To help understanding, we use visual cues such as demonstrations, but also sensory information (feels).


We now understand your current movement patterns and how we can make them more efficient – we now need to execute it! Using different training aids and movement concepts, with sensory and visual feedback, will help you understand and learn what we need you to do.


Every session is finished with a complete summary of what we have learned and what we would like you to achieve going forward. We record a swing catalyst lesson overview, which is a video of your swing and us taking over the changes recroded by our mic.

This session is powered by our partners below

Swing Catalyst

The Swing Catalyst pressure plate gives us valuable data on your pressure and force patterns.

K-Motion 3D

K-Motion 3D system gives us information on how you move during your swing.

GC Quad

GC Quad is one of the most advanced launch monitors on the market, with its camera system.


Trackman4 is one of the most used launch monitors on the planet, with a radar based system.