Assistant PGA Professional

Jasmine is an assistant PGA professional who is currently in year 2 undertaking her PGA degree to become a fully qualified coach. 

She started working at Peter Field Golf Shop in 2016 after leaving school and wanting to pursue her passion for golf. 

After 6 successful years of amateur golf representing her county and country at national level and 2 years of working in the golfing industry Jasmine decided she wanted to further her career and enthusiasm for teaching and helping others and decided to start her PGA degree. 

Although Jasmine loves playing competitively and plays on the WPGA Tour and many regional Pro-Am’s, her real passion has always been coaching. With the facilities that she has available to her she recognises that to increase and maintain participation within the game is incredibly rewarding and will continue to improve and expand her knowledge as much as she can. 

With already extensive experience gained from working here at Peter Field Golf she has already seen fantastic gains with the clients she’s working with. 

As well as coaching, Jasmine has also attended Golf Lab performance fitting workshop which has extended her knowledge on all the latest golfing equipment and helped her develop her custom fitting service further. 

Jasmine’s goal for both lessons and fittings is to make it as relaxed, enjoyable and informative as possible while also making it simple and clear to understand. 

The rule of 3 is relatable when having a lesson with Jasmine as the maximum number of tips you will walk away with is always 3 to make it as easy to remember and put into practice! 

Notable certifications/CPD courses:

Trackman University Certified – Level 1

Swing Catalyst Certified – Level 1

The Golf Lab Performance Fitting – Level 1

92% of golfers who experience custom fitting with a launch monitor see immediate benefit after buying new clubs.

(Statistic: Foresight Sports)