Are your wedges helping or hurting you?


Although technology does not appear to have moved on in wedges like drivers, irons and putters. The manufacturers knowledge of what Lofts, bounces, grinds, weights, grooves and shafts can do to make this part of the game easier has massively changed!


Did you know that one manufacturers Pitching wedge loft is totally different from the next? The reason i have brought this up is to highlight that just because your playing partner carries a 50*, 54*, 58* that you should too.


Bob Vokey (titleist wedge designer) is a believer in 4* gaps from your pitching edge onwards. Here at Peter field golf we offer the expertise and equipment needed to fit you for the right Lofts, Length, lie angle, bounce and grind all whilst comparing the leading wedge designs that include Callaway, Titleist, Taylormade, Mizuno, Ping & Cleveland.


Our wedge fittings are performed whilst using GCQuad or Trackman 4 allowing us to see exactly how you play your wedge shots, with Angle of attack, dynamic loft, club head speed and launch angles assessed. This is the only way to be fitted correctly as it gives a clear picture of what you do swing wise and what you need in a club to execute the desired shots.


If you decide to take or recommendation of wedges we off a free of charge after service that invites you back into our fitting suite to analyse the set up for a second time to reaffirm the choices made along with a yardage analysis to cover full, 3/4 and 1/2 shots with your wedges.

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